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This jewel-like Alpine country offers everything from sport to culture in a heartbreakingly beautiful setting. The cosmopolitan variety of a land with four national languages contrasts with the traditionalism of quaint mountain villages. Climb into fresh mountains pastures, where the only sound is the clink of cowbells, then return to the refined luxury of Geneva, a centre of international affairs where diplomats dine at top restaurants and shop at exclusive jewellery boutiques. On the banks of Lake Geneva, the city’s beautiful landscape ranges from the Old Town’s 13th century Tour de l’Ile and Cathédrale de St. Pierre, where Calvin preached; to the towering Jet d’Eau fountain and modern hotels.
Discover the wild Jura forest, charming medieval Neuchâtel, la Gruyère cheese country, or arty, architecturally rich Basel. For those who want to immerse themselves in Switerland’s natural beauty, the sporting possibilities are endless: skiing at the world’s most exclusive resorts in the winter; sailing and water sports in the summer on crystal-clear lakes.
Enjoy a country at once cosmopolitan and deeply traditional, where the natives are polite to a fault, as punctual as a Swiss watch, and keep their cities brilliantly clean. Chocolate fiends, art lovers, hikers and globe-trotters: this stunning country has something for everyone.

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